How is Transit Now Nashville Different from Others?

Transit Now Nashville is different because we are a grassroots organization. Sure, we have friends in high places, but we focus on the individual rider, work to make living with transit easier for them and advocate for an improved rider experience. Transit Now Nashville exists to build relationships with our fellow citizens to connect riders with convenient modes of mass transportation. Below is a description of organizations that have similar interests to Transit Now Nashville.

Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee

The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee is a non-profit organization with the mission of encouraging private sector as well as public sector support for new investments in mass transit in the ten county region of Middle Tennessee. Committed to communicating the value of regional mass transportation needs and options, the Alliance fosters education across the region about the economic value of mass transit investments. Through these communication and education efforts, the Alliance will actively participate in the steps necessary to secure dedicated revenues for mass transit investments in the months and years ahead.

Metropolitan Transit Authority (of Nashville-Davidson County)

MTA is a private, non-profit organization with a Chief Executive Officer, a Metropolitan Government position, currently held by Paul Ballard who reports directly to the MTA Board of Directors and is responsible for managerial oversight of the entire system. The MTA Board of Directors is a five-member panel appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council, which makes policies regarding the operation of the MTA. The Davidson Transit Organization (DTO) Board of Directors and Officers have control and general management of the affairs and business of the corporation. Annually, the MTA Board of Directors appoints the DTO officers. They are responsible for seeing that the orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect.

Regional Transportation Authority (of Middle Tennessee)

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) offers Middle Tennesseans transportation solutions. The mission of RTA is to offer the citizens of Middle Tennessee choices and alternatives on how they commute to work each day and to coordinate local regional transportation services. By maximizing federal, state, and local funds with fares, RTA provides and/or manages regional commuter bus service, hundreds of vanpools and carpools, and Tennessee’s first regional rail service, the RTA Music City Star. The RTA is dedicated to providing alternatives and choices of programs designed to meet the specific needs of the riders and area employers, and more importantly, improve the air quality for all Middle Tennesseans.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (Nashville Area)

The Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is committed to providing leadership to the region in the planning, funding, and development of a regional multi-modal transportation system; one that promotes personal and social economic prosperity while encouraging sustainable growth and development practices to protect and preserve valuable community and natural assets. The Nashville Area MPO is the federally-designated transportation planning agency for over 2800 square miles and more than 1.5 million people throughout Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, Wilson and parts of Maury and Robertson counties.