Ambitious transit plan deserves dedicated funding to become reality

Transit Now Nashville’s mission is to engage the Nashville community to promote a vibrant transit system. We are grateful the Nashville MTA and nMotion teams have set forth such an ambitious plan for the middle Tennessee region. While we would like to see certain aspects of the plan, such as dedicated right of way for transit extending to the surrounding counties, implemented on an accelerated time table, we understand the restraints around budget requirements and the need for a dedicated funding source to ensure these substantial improvements become a reality.

Our organization is especially excited about walkability improvements and a focus on transit oriented development around transit hubs. These are crucial aspects of a functional transit system. The proposal for a simple way to pay for fares will improve efficiency and reduce barriers for people unfamiliar with the current transit system. We also look forward to the implementation of crosstown connections and streamlined bus routes along major corridors.

While Nashville has undergone various planning studies over the past several years, Transit Now Nashville is hopeful the community will provide the needed motivation to hold city leaders accountable to take action in order to see aspects of this plan become reality.  As citizens of this city, we remain committed to providing support wherever it is required to ensure current and future residents are able to enjoy a high quality of life with access to all the opportunities Nashville provides.