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AMP under Attack
Posted on March 7, 2014

The Tennessee legislature’s House Bill 2156/Senate Bill 2243 specifically targets Davidson County and seeks to limit rapid transit options for Nashville, including The Amp. This is a complete overreach of the state government into local government responsibilities. Nashville should be able to plan and approve what is best for its constituents.

Your voice is vital! Go online to today and vocalize your opposition to HB 2156/SB 2243. Just follow the three simple steps that are listed on the home page.

Don’t know what to say? Here’s some sample language to help you with your message to elected officials:

I strongly oppose state government intervention into local infrastructure projects. Requiring approval from the General Assembly for local transit projects limits flexibility, hurts a city’s ability to grow and prosper, and increases the size of government. I ask you to oppose SB 2243/HB 2156 because it unfairly singles out Davidson County and is an outright effort by state legislators to silence thousands of Nashvillians by limiting our future transit options.

We must act NOW. The bill is being voted on next Wednesday, March 12. Go online and submit your letter TODAY.

Thank you, as always, for your support of The Amp.  Don’t forget to go online and sign our petition and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.